Leadership in Nursing Essay

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The aim of this essay is to identify a significant event from the authors clinical practice where there was an issues relating to the management and leadership of the nursing and health care team. Appropriate management and leadership theories will be used to support the issues which would be discussed in this essay. A critical analyses of the event we be carried out. Confidentiality will be maintained. Name

and places used in this essay will be changed to maintain confidentiality in

accordance to the Nursing and Midwifery council (NMC, 2008).

Database search was carried out MEDLINE, CINAHL, BRITISH NURSING INDEX

AND Nursing and Midwifery council were searched for relevant literature. The author

also made
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According to Heller et al (2004) a manager is a person who is reactive rather than a person who is proactive to situations. A good manager look at every small details of things in other to attain efficiency. Northhouse (2010, pp 45) also acknowledged that a good manager always ask staff to do things faster, smarter and in a more cost effective way. Yuk (2010, pp 27) reckons that good managers stick to rigidly to rules and procedure in other to bring about safety and maintain quality.

Following this events in clinical practice the author now want to look at how this poor practice of catheter management and knowledge by nursing staff can be changed in clinical practice using leadership and management theories. The characteristics of a good leader is that a good leader has to be innovative, experienced in the way to do things , proactive, preventing things from going wrong and always thinking ahead
(Daff & Maci, 2009, pp 20). Huston, 2009, pp.56) states that a good leader is one who can motivate the team and a good role model to the team. According to
Johnston & Nahmad- Williams (2009, pp. 423) a good leader is able to manage their time, so that they can have time for leadership and equal time for management so that there is time for vision and also time to have a proper look at the way the

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