The Value Of Nursing Leadership

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The CNML (Certified Nurse Manager and Leader) credentials is an effort between the AONE (American Organization of Nurse Executives) and the AACN (American Association of Critical Nurses) Certification Corporation. The CNML program is administered by the AONE Credential Center.

Established in 1967, the AONE’s (American Organization of Nurse Executives) aims to shape health care through innovative and expert nursing leadership. They provide education programs that will help nurse leaders inform, envision, influence, research and voice the message to advance health. AONE’s professional association membership offers various activities that promote the value of nursing leadership and its invaluable contribution to the greater health care in pursuit
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Nurses have one of the most influential voices in the health care industry and the AONE helps build a leadership community. This organization helps nurses become nursing leaders, allowing them to voice their concern, which is beneficial in a professional and everyday lifestyle. Initial certification or renewal of certification is valid for three years. To become a certified nurse manager and leader, one must obtain:
• Valid and unrestricted license as a registered nurse; or
• Have a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree or more than two years of experience in a nurse manager role; or a non-nursing bachelor with more than three years of experience in a nurse manager role; or a diploma or associate degree with more than five years of experience in a nurse manager role.

A barrier that prospective might find difficult is their meaning of one year of experience. However, the credential center does clarify that “one year of experience must consist a minimum of 1,040 hours per year” (American Hospital Association, 2016).

AONE and AACN members are eligible for discounted CNML exam fees of $300 and for nonmembers, the CNML exam fees are $425 (American Hospital Association, 2016, p.
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AONE also focuses on reaching out to nurse leaders outside of the United States by strategically engaging and connecting with international members and other international nurse leaders for information exchange. AONE participates in the International Councils of Nurses and work with them to allow members to work connect with nurse leader professional abroad like China, India, Russia, South Africa and Costa Rica.
AONE enhances more than the nursing management skills, but a lifestyle that implements a leader’s developments that can be applied to a daily operation. The “Guiding Principles” listed involved various topic which can be applied to staff deployment and a patient’s safety.
I frequently use the guideline to provide in-service training to my nursing staff which proves to be helpful. Guideline topics include “nurse/physician relationship”, “newly licensed nurse’s transition into practice”, “role of the nurse executive in patient safety” and “reckless behavior by registered Nurses” that are also brought to attention with nurse applicants during screening interviews at human resource. (American Organization for Nurse Executives,

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