Nursing Leadership And Leads Framework Essay example

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Nursing leadership and LEADS framework
LEADS is a leadership framework that focuses on leadership development at various levels of the health care system (Canadian College of Health Leaders, 2010). LEADS stands for Lead self, Engage others, Achieve results, Develop coalitions and Systems transformation (Canadian College of Health Leaders, 2010). As the nurse leader, initially internal change and management must be adopted, the leader must manage self before she can be successful in leading (Canadian College of Health Leaders, 2010). Adaptability and versatility should come easily to the leader, by showing these traits to other staff members it may assist in accepting change (Canadian College of Health Leaders, 2010). If the leader is resistant to change and unwilling to make changes, those same attitudes are likely to be emulated by other nurses. By developing soft skills, such as communication skills and team management, the nurse leader is able to focus on issues and changes; determining possible solutions to present to other employees (Canadian College of Health Leaders, 2010). Knowing intrinsically how the staff is going to respond to change and being able to manage responses and expressions is an important skill to have (Canadian College of Health Leaders, 2010).
Effective communication is key to a successful leader. Detailed discussions take place about how the change will affect the work environment, personal environment and overall change to the climate of the…

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