Last Moment In Life

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I sit on the porch of my glass house watching the sunset disappear into the waterfall, thinking to myself. All of the struggles and the hardship has come down to this point in time where I can be still. I can hear little children playing with a man who they called Dad. Life has become blissful with occasional thunderstorms. All my life I have dreamt of this and I can finally say I am happy. During my lifetime I had to endure difficult times and obstacles but with the support of my family and friends, I made it. Going into college, majoring in Biology, opened new doors for me to experience different settings and different people. It was a fresh start with a fresh beginning. Most of my classes were filled with hundreds of people: no one knew me and I knew no one. Lost in my thoughts, I found it difficult to concentrate in class where the teacher lectured for an hour and thirty minutes. A year passed by and I still struggled to stand on my own two feet. I was weighted down by financial problems, schoolwork, and distractions. On the contrary I finished college with my Bachelor 's degree in four years. All of my long nights studying have led to this moment: …show more content…
He knew there were not many options, but that did not stop him from enjoying his last moments on earth. He was a courageous boy and always tried to put a smile one someone’s face. He expressed his love for God in everything he did. Before every surgery, he wanted us to pray with him. Every time we did so, he thanked God for his life. I was very puzzled by this because God had done so little to help him throughout his life. A few days later he said his God was calling him home and later that day he died. After he passed away one thing stuck with me. He was very dedicated to God and had a strong relationship with him. It got me thinking about my personal relationship with

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