King of Shaves Essay

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Foundations of Global Business
Individual Assignment Spring 2013

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The Individual report comprises 50% of your Total Module Mark.
Your report will be marked both on the structure and format of your report and on the findings. Marks will be determined by your ability to: * understand and interpret the question * apply information and lessons learnt during the semester * research information and use it to answer the questions * express information and arguments in a logical and well structured manner
The report is to be 2,000 words excluding the Cover sheet, Contents page and References.

The format of the report is to be:

* Cover sheet including name of student, seminar tutor, date of
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But then King has never worried about taking on giants. His company, which sold its first bottle of shaving gel in 1993, now has 10pc of the UK market for wet shaving products and has made a small but solid start in what was thought to be an impregnable competitive arena for razors.
The King of Shaves Azor, launched in 2008, now claims to be the UK's third best-selling system razor, selling about 500,000 handles last year.
That ranked it ahead of individual razor models such as Schick and Wilkinson Sword, both owned by batteries group Energiser, but behind two versions of Gillette Fusion, which together sold nearly 2.5m handles.
Gillette's other razors still account for considerable market share too, so King of Shaves' overall UK market share is 8.5pc in razors and 4pc in cartridges.
"We're selling 30,000 to 50,000 cartridges a week, while Gillette is probably selling 10 times that in the UK," King admits. "But, according to TNS Worldpanel, we shave between 1.5m and 1.75m guys a day."
The King of Shaves Company, of which King owns 30pc – the rest is mostly family and friends – is still tiny, employing just 20 people in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, and achieving sales of £13m in the 17 months to May 2010.
King has learnt interesting lessons about trying to break into the American market – lessons

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