First Day Commercial Analysis

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It is now the first Sunday in February and everyone is watching one and only one thing across America. The Super bowl. There are only tree reason why to be watching this massive event. You are either watching for the game itself, the commercials or both. For the super bowl, the commercials are a memorable part of the game because no one has seen them before and they are usually are different and more interesting to the viewer compared to regular commercials. I find that these commercials has more of an influence or impact on a viewer then a regular commercial. Why? Because people are more aware and want to notice the commercials. Looking back at this past year’s super bowl, one commercial I can point out is a commercial for The Hyundai Genesis and is called “First Date” (Link to this commercial is posted above.) If you …show more content…
I was very interested as to why people may think this is what the father is really doing as opposed to being over protective. Then looking back through the commercial, any time that the boy would get close to the daughter, the father pops up instantly stopping what was about to happen. They are then alone in the car, like before the boy tries to get close to the daughter, the dad pops up. That last seen and given the boys look, I think is what would be why people think that the girl would have a chance of being sexually assaulted. I also think that at this point of time in the United States, sexual assault is a topic that is becoming more and more of a controversy to the point where people are starting to see a commercial like this as a way of saying sexual assault. The commercials intent was just to be an over protected dad, but people start to over think the

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