Reactivity And Reflective Essay

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Body emotion can send a conversation in either a negative or positive direction. Depending on how you project it. The two concepts that I can say I can relate to but also need to work more on are Kinesics, which is one of the Non-verbal codes and Reactivity, which comes from conflict styles. I choose these two because I believe they both serve an important purpose in achieving a respectable connection with another individual. Kinesics is very important because it’s what gives communication a sense of feeling. Dealing with body movements. Reactivity is also important because it can destroy relationships by it’s negativity. Both of these concepts play a large piece in my relationship with my girlfriend. I try to keep them both under control to …show more content…
As said in the passage “Reactivity is a fourth way people handle conflict” (McCornack, 2014, pg 186). It’s a way of communicating but in an emotionally and negative way. “It’s characterized by accusations of mistrust, yelling, crying, and becoming verbally or physically abusive” (McCornack, 2014, pg 187). This concept itself is not effective to communication but learning to control it when having a conversation is crucial to being a competent communicator. If you let this be the end result of every conversation then you would never get anywhere with your conversation or maybe even relationship. For example in my relationship I usually end the conversation with arguing because of reacting in this such way but it never gets be anywhere. So in the future I plan on coming myself down and just actually listening and comprehending what 's going on. Instead of blowing up and screaming when something does not go my way. To conclude, both of these concepts are very important in being a competent communicator. Kinesics is how people see your reaction other than hearing what you are saying. It also can dictate the way a conversation can go. Depending on if your body response is negative or positive. Reactivity is the negative concept but stills help me be more of a competent communicator by learning how to control it in serious

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