Essay about Jesus Christ And Place My Trust

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I was born and raised in a Christian family. By the grace of God, I responded to God’s invitation to have a personal relationship with God in my youth and committed myself to live as Jesus’ disciple for the rest of my life. At times, life had become unbearable difficult, but God enabled me to hold steadfast on God’s love and mercy, and consequently, I have experienced God who faithfully provides for His children and His love that transcends all understanding. I continually seek to deepen my relationship with Jesus Christ and place my trust in Him in my daily life. I can testify the work of the Holy Spirit in me which transforms my heart each day. The Word of God changes my perspectives, relationships, and attitudes and desires so that I could become more like Jesus Christ and understand and know Him more. It is my desire to study at Trinity and learn to better understand God’s scripture and biblical theology which I believe will be foundational and essential for my spiritual walk with God and in my future ministry.

I had my personal encounter with Jesus Christ when I was 16. My family attended a local Korean community church in the suburb at that time. One day, the youth group pastor and some praise team members learned that I could play the piano and encouraged me to play in the praise team with them; since I enjoyed playing the piano, I gladly joined the team. The praise team met three hours prior to the Friday worship service every week; we practiced music for…

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