Why I Want To Be A True Leader?

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1. I want to be a Wyldlife leader because I want to be someone that middle schoolers can talk to about Jesus, personal struggles, friendship troubles, school, and life in general. As a middle schooler, I was really insecure and had issues with friends, but I was really close to my Wyldlife leaders. They were always full of advice and good role models. I want to be like that for middle schoolers because I’ve been through many of the same things. Also, throughout middle school and the beginning of high school I really struggled connecting with Jesus, so I know how hard that is and how to get through it.
2. The purpose of Young Life is to help young people meet, understand, and truly love Jesus. The leaders are Christian examples that are always
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My whole life, I’ve grown up going to Catholic Church every week. My parents are very strong Catholics, but I never felt anything special in church and always had trouble paying attention. I thought of myself as a Christian because I always went to church, prayed, went to Sunday school, and said I loved Jesus. When I was in 1st grade, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She survived, but this really scared me and I questioned why God would do something that bad to my mom. I went to Young Life family camp at Sharptop for the first time in 2nd grade and although I was really young, I saw what it was like to live like Jesus. I went to family camp for about 4 years, but at this point I still didn’t really have a relationship with God. My relationship and commitment with God started at my second year of Camp Vesper Point, the summer before my 6th grade year. I was all in and I’d given my life to Jesus, and I was so excited that I knew why so many people loved Jesus so much. This affect lasted for a few months but eventually wore off. I tried really hard to try to feel this way again, but I couldn’t find that passion until Southwind in 7th grade. I met four Wyldlife leaders there and was on another Jesus high. This time it lasted longer because I was constantly at Wyldlife club and with my leaders. The following summer and beginning of 8th grade, I realized that my friend group was not good for my relationship with God. I felt guilty, dirty, disgusted with myself, unloved, and really sad. At this point, my relationship with God was back at the starting point and again I could not connect with God. I read my Bible, devotional, and tried to pray, but I could hear Jesus talking back so I gave up. I sometimes talked to my Wyldlife leaders, but they were always with my old friends, so I felt disconnected from them too. For eighth and ninth grade, I acted like I had a good relationship with God, but I was actually really lonely. A few weeks after eighth grade ended, my

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