My Faith: How My Faith Defines Who I Am

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How My Faith Defines Who I Am
Faith: having a strong belief in a religion, or an even stronger belief in a God. I personally believe in God the Father, and that he created each and every one of us in his own image. I believe that Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sin and brought us new life through his death and resurrection. In my faith I stand as a Catholic, which means I believe in only one God. However, God is three persons, also known as the Holy Trinity, meaning there is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In addition, as a Catholic I believe that Adam and Eve disobeyed God leaving every baby born with original sin. From experience, I have been cleansed of my original sin through a process called Baptism. Baptism was the moment
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God plays a very important role in my everyday life ever since day one. I personally believe that he is continuously trying to get through to me. For example, God is always putting obstacles in my life to see if I am strong, or tough enough to get through them. However, some obstacles are tougher than others, some seem impossible, and others I find the solution within no time. God does all of this out of love, which also is a powerful word in my life. God died and rose again because of his love for us. So, what better way to repay him than spreading that love with others? In my everyday life I try and love everyone with the compassion God would want me to. Spreading this love is one act of being a follower of Jesus. I strive each and every day to make myself a better me, to be who I was meant to be, the image that God created me to be. God has a plan for each of us, and sure we are going to mess up, I have more than once but that’s the most incredible thing. No matter how many times I have messed up and thought there was no going back, God was there for me in prayer with wide arms just waiting for me to come back to him. Also, God says to love your enemies. Loving my enemies is something I really struggle with but, I know that this is God shaping me into the best me, I learn that God forgives all of our sins, so why can’t I forgive my enemies? This is part of being a follower of Jesus, this is the obstacle that’s being put in my way, now it’s my turn to face

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