Is Tuition Free College? Essay

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There is an abundant amount of American and international young adults that are about to become college freshman in the fall of 2016. Those young adults who are going to be college freshman should be aware of who is proposing tuition-free college to those who wish to attend higher education facilities. High end college costs has been a big topic of discussion during the presidential primaries this year, with a large amount of college students graduating with substantial debt rates, now seems to be the time that Americans call for change. There is a Democratic candidate that is proposing a monumental change in college costs. Bernie Sanders plans to implement tuition- free college, at public colleges and universities, but is tuition-free college possible in the United States?
Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders plans to make tuition free at public colleges and universities with the “College for All Act”. Sandersw ants to follow the footsteps of the many European countries that have eliminated tuition at their higher education facilities to help more young adults attend colleges and universities. When addressing the college cost issue, Sanders (2016) discussed on his campaign website, how Germany has recently eradicated tuition and listed a few of the other European countries that have eradicated tuition costs ( On the Issues: It 's Time to Make College Tuition Free and Debt Free. (n.d.). Retrieved May 18, 2016, from…

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