Is The Best Friend? Essay

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Best Friend

There are going to be hardships in people 's lives. Some take what they are given. Others do their best to make a bad situation, Michael Gay III is that type of person. Michael has stuck by me since I met him through think and thin. We have help each other through hardships in our life 's. The time was winter of 2013 and the snow has fallen. Michael was at Kecoughtan high school in the cafeteria sitting at a table near where the lunch lines let out. When he saw me standing looking for a place to sit. I found him sitting alone and sat by him. My first time really talking to him one on one. Michael and I was waiting on the rest of our group to show up. He and I started talking. I found out what he has been though. That he has been though a lot of hardships. For example, how his mom treated him so cruelly. Starting not to feel alone in this cruel world. That was just the beginning of a long friendship. One day in the in the winter of 2014 Michael got kicked out of his mom 's house. For things he did not do. There was a snow storm a few days before and there was still snow on the ground. He came to school that day telling the group at he needed a place to stay cause he got kicked out. He had all his clothes in a satchel on his shoulder. I offered him to use my locker to put his belonging in. He took my offer and we went to my locker. He put his belongings in my locker. After school I treated him to McDonald 's to make sure he had something to eat. He tries…

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