Who Is Your Best Friend Essay

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Sometimes, when you tell somebody a funny story from your childhood you are trying to explain: "We were best friends, partners in crime". After saying this, you start to think and maybe realize that you didn 't hear from your "best friend" for at least 8 years, or maybe recollect some events between two of you which do not fit the definition of friendship. People often ask the question: "Who is your best friend?". First, you think of a person, who is close to you now, with whom you spend most of your time, then, other people flash up into your memory and you say: "Wait a minute, how about Tom? I don 't see him that much, but he 's my soulmate, I do consider him as my best friend too. And Monika... How could I forgot about her?! We were …show more content…
Each of them is associated with a certain period of my life. After passing many of them, after graduating school, going to college, living in different cities and moving to another country, I can name only one best friend who has supported me throughout all this time – my Mother. Friends come and go, but she has been with me from my first breath. The day a child is born, so is a mother. No matter what I do I always feel her support, even if she doesn 't like a decision I 've made, a boyfriend I 've chosen, she still loves me and accept. How much did she sacrifice for me?.. I cannot even imagine. From the high school I remember Aristotle 's theory about friendship, according to which there are three different kinds of friendship; that of utility, friendship of pleasure, and virtuous friendship. In my opinion, virtuous friendship is the rearrests one. And it is just the case with mother 's friendship. I do agree with Aristotle 's theory. It is very selfish, and deep in my heart I want to believe that I 'm not right, but I think that in friendship people look for personal gain, whether it 's pleasure or utility. Unfortunately, I do have a vivid example of that from my personal

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