Is Pettinger An Economics Teacher And Writer And Studied At Oxford University

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Pettinger is an economics teacher and writer and studied at Oxford University. The health care environment is well aware of the magnitude with which obesity and diabetes affect our community. They are also aware of the cost and strain it puts on families. Those patients and families need to educated about more than just nutrition and exercise.
Certain taxes may actually help “lower health care costs for states and companies”, if they are successful. The extra savings can go towards employee wages and create more jobs” (Riddix). With a reduction in calories and increase in health, the states and companies paying the costs of illness may note a significant decrease in the money being paid out in insurance claims. Thus reducing the premiums being paid to insurance companies due to the good health of an individual that has no pre-existing diagnosis or has shown a marked improvement in health would be economical. As “health care costs associated with obesity are substantial, “ any positive affect on the health of the individual would be a positive to the companies or states that shave in the premiums and may make it easier for a company or state to be offered a blanket proposal for the good health shown in that company’s personnel. If this were so, companies or states would have the incentive to offer benefits like gym memberships, weight loss programs and…

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