Is College For Everyone? Essay

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College or Not
More students are attending college today than any other year. Statistics show that about 21 million students are expected to attend American colleges and universities (National Center for Education). At a young age students are placed under a vast amount of pressure when the topic of college hits the dining table. Parents urge kids that an education is highly important, and that without it they are doomed. Student are left to believe that they only have one option and are placed on a strain to perform at an elite level. Unfortunately not all students will perform exceptionally well, and will have to find another alternative to survive. In her essay “Is College for Everyone”, blogger Pharinet addresses a concern that not everyone should attend college. Pharinet wants the reader to understand that there is a difference between having the right to an education, and the benefit of an education. She acknowledges that people have the right to receive an education but goes off to show that not everyone actually gains anything from attending. Without doubt college should be allowed for anyone who is willful to learn, but students who lack self-motivation and have not made a college priority, should consider that there are jobs that don’t require college degrees. Although not everyone benefits from a college education, critics argue that people who attend college benefit economically. This is accurate for the most part because students who graduate college and…

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