Is Animal Testing Being Right Or Wrong?

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The debate about animal testing being right or wrong has been going on for years now. Although animal testing has improved new medication over the years, as well as it has found the cure for many illnesses, this topic deal with sensitive issues; one of them being, is animal testing morally right? Thanks to animal testing, the wellness, and health of humans have improved significantly, on the other hand, however, by doing the “greater good” innocent animals are being tortured/killed every day. Just like with any other issue we have those in favor and those against animal testing. Those in favor generally follow the scientific findings and medical improvements, and also do not pay attention to the harm being done to these animals. Whereas those against it are usually animal rights activists, which consider this practice inhumane, and morally wrong. They based their opinion on the animal’s well-being and safety first and argue for the use of more sufficient, and alternative methods. There also individuals who find themselves in …show more content…
This website believes that animal testing is justifiable, meaning that every animal being tested for any purpose could provide a major change in the scientific and medical field and could say potentially millions of lives. This sources also points out that “Thanks to animal research, primarily in mice, cancer survival rates have continued to rise” and that “animal research has helped develop modern vaccines including those against Polio, TB, Meningitis and, recently, the human papillomavirus (HPV) which has been linked to cervical cancer” (Forty reasons). Meaning that animal testing has in fact helped the human kind immensely, giving us the opportunity to discover newer and better drugs every

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