Animal Experimentation: Is It Wrong To Experiment On Animals?

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Animal Experimentation : Is It Wrong To Experiment On Animals?
Currently, there is an ongoing battle between animal rights activists and scientific researchers on the topic of animal experimentation. While scientists believe that animal testing is needed for the betterment of life and is fundamental for research advancement, animal rights activists believe that testing on animals is unnecessary and should be replaced by alternatives. A scientific researcher, Gina Solomon, perfectly summed it up in this quote, “While we would prefer not to sacrifice a single laboratory rat, we believe that the sacrifice is warranted to protect our children and future generations.” These experiments on animals are needed for the greater good; animal experimentation is essential for the discovery of new medicines and vaccines and insurance of the safety of chemicals in the household.
Animals were not always used for testing drugs and products, so as a result, humans served as the first test subjects; but the tests often ended in tragic results. For example, an antibacterial drug was first sold in 1937. This untested formula did not dissolve well in water, and eventually killed 107 people. In this manner, the following year, the Food,
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Much of what doctors know about the role in foods and preventing high cholesterol and heart disease is by studying animals (Americans for Medical Progress).
Unfortunately, when the general public are asked about using animals in biomedical research they think about their pets and companions at home, whom they love. In this case, they are mislead because the controversy of animal research is mainly about the use of rodents which consist of mice and rats most of which have been specifically bred for this purpose. Dogs, cats, pigs and other mammals are only used when the are specifically needed for the disease under investigation and are often anesthetized (Cohen, Carl, and Tom

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