Against Animal Testing Essay

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Death is what animals will become if they are treated inhumanely. Animal testing is using non-human animals to be test subjects in an experiment. The world relies hugely on animals for food, so the more people test animals and the animals die the less population of animals the world has. The world relies on animals for many things and animals are very beneficial to the human race. People who claim to be vegetarian or vegan still rely on animals for different things. animals are good for more than just food. The world should be against animal testing because, Animals are different from humans, it can be wasteful if the experiment does not work, alternatives can be used instead of animals, it is extremely inhumane and

Animals are not
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Alternatives to animal testing could be human tissue or corpse. Using an alternative to animal testing would be so much cheaper and way more effective. Using a method that would be more effective would help scientist find a true lead to a cure for cancers. Testing does not only happen to find new cures for diseases it also happens for different makeup products. The use of a 3-D bioprinter could print out artifical human cells that could be tested. The bioprinter would be expensive but it would be a one time purchase unlike the animals that people have to keep supplying. Autopsy research could be a more effective way than animal testing. The autopsy would give a more lifelike example instead of forcing things into animals and getting a false misleading result. Scientist should test different experiments and see which experiment had the best results. The scientists could go off the experiment that had the best results and get more leads from that experiment. The more accurate the experiment is the better chances that the products will help in humans.If scientist were to use human based clinical research they would get better results because they are testing medicines for humans on humans. When the scientist use the medicine in the animals it may work on them, but when a human uses the product made it has as good chance of falling due too the reason that animals are not

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