Interview With A Medical Doctor Essay

776 Words Oct 14th, 2015 4 Pages
For my report, I decided to interview a medical doctor. I currently volunteer at the UCLA Ronald Reagon Medical Center which was easy to contact a physician. I was able to set up an interview with a 4th year pediatric resident. The process in setting up the interview was easy and right away. We met in the elevtor and asked if I can interview her for school and she agreed. She was going to have lunch in an hour and said if we can meet up during her lunch time, in which I agreed. We exchanged numbers and then we met up for lunch outside in the hospital’s patio, next to the cafeteria. I recorded her responses on my phone instead of writing them down. That made my life simple and easy, same as for her. I decided to interview a physician because I don’t really have information on how to get into a medical school and how residency works. I wanted to interview someone whose been through that long journey. Now on to the questions I asked. My first question was what did she majored in and why? Answer: I majored in Biochemistry and minored in English. I loved chemistry since high school and always wanted to major in the science area. Once I started taking AP Biology, I noticed that I was also a developing a love relationship with biology. I love chemistry and biology so I combined them both and ended up with biochemistry. I wanted to study the chemical side of the world as well as the biological side. Second Question: What made you decide to go to medical…

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