Interview : Interview With A Interview Essay

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In my interview I choose to interview one of my housemates Samantha Wood. I do not know Samantha very well but have communicated with her the odd time. Samantha goes to Georgian college and is 21 years old. I choose to interview her specifically because she is quite about her life and interests so I was motivated to use this interview to get to know her better. I asked Samantha basic questions about her use of and experiences with social media.
The interview process was beneficial for what information was trying to be obtained. Interviewing Samantha had its benefits and its challenges, including building rapport, icebreakers, and asking sensitive and follow-up questions. The easiest part of the interview was listening to Samantha’s answers to the questions. This felt like the most natural part as I genuinely cared and was interested in her responses. It was also fairly easy to come up with follow up questions because once we both felt comfortable it started to feel just like a normal conversation. Although I found it difficult to articulate what I was trying to say on the spot as I was trying to explain a question clearly but still making sure the intended purpose of the question was involved.
I think I did a good job at building rapport. When I initially asked Samantha if I could interview her she was a bit hesitant but through the set up for the interview and during the interview I could tell Samantha was starting to feel more comfortable in this situation. I built…

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