Dialectical Perspective In The Family

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For the family interview I choose to interview my mom Laura Mahlich. I choose to interview her because she is the main person my sisters and I always turn to when we have an issue or when we need someone to talk to. When being home over the weekend I asked her if she would like to sit down with me and answer interview questions about how our family communicates and interacts with one another. I asked ten open-ended questions that lead to a long discussion and talk about our family’s communications skills. Most of the questions I asked were relating to how our family communicates and what are our strengths and weaknesses we may have. Then to end some of my questions I asked about her weaknesses she may have with communicating and interacting with members of our family and why some members of our family are better at communicating than others.
The theory I will be using to help explain some of the responses is the dialectical perspective. The main point of the dialectical perspective is about
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One of the questions I asked her was, what are some of the strengths in our family communication, and at first she we all kind of suck at communicating. But, what she did say is that even though we all stick to our own wits and live really busy lives we still always talk to one another. Even if there are problems and one of us is arguing with the other we never stop communicating. Which is a positive for us she said because it helps our family quarrels end faster and not to let them drag on. Dialectical perspective tells us that with the autonomy versus connectedness tension that we may all live independent lives we also are connected. How we manage this is with a happy balance by always talking to each other even though we are upset at them. By finding a middle ground to help manage our tensions we can find a happy middle

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