Interview About A Medical Assistant Essay

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For this assignment I had the opportunity to interview a medical assistant, Brandy Scott. She currently works for the University Physician Group in Dearborn Michigan. Her contact number is (313) 429-7859. She has been in the medical field for more than 5 years and when asked to describe her overall experience, she says that it has been very rewarding. Before beginning the interview I explained some of the main points that have interested me from the course thus far and based my questions off of those points. The first group of question that I asked had a lot to do with the communication barriers that she faces when working with her patients in comparison to some of the barriers that she has seen between the doctors and their patients. She explained to me how she is the first person that the patient see 's once they get beyond the waiting room. The interaction that she has with them while taking their checking their vitals and getting a general understanding of what the visit is for typically sets the tone for the rest of the visit. The barrier that stood out to her the most was the difference in languages and sometimes culture differences. One thing that I have learned as a communication student is that differences in cultures definitely have an effect of the quality of communication. Culture differences can make it difficult for the patient to be able to express their health concerns because of the treatments that may be prescribed. Language barriers are also an…

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