Interpersonal Adaptability Essay

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Demonstrating interpersonal adaptability is another dimension effective recruitment loads onto. The manager should learn how to interact with the workforce, because the person in the current position knows the job better than anyone. By getting feedback from the workforce, the manager can make sure that the position that is about to be filled is occupied by the right person. Project management is also related to interpersonal adaptability.
Project management requires the manager to make sure the employees have clear tasks, perform the tasks correctly, and work efficiently. Interpersonal adaptability is important, because the manager needs to be open minded to the employees to ensure feedback is given and implemented by both the manager and
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Conducting research is important to an advertisement campaign, because the research helps predict the advertisement campaign. Creating advertisements also requires critical thinking skills, because each advertisement must be something that appeals to target customers (BLS, 2017). Research is the foundation for an advertisement, but the rest is an innovation from the manager’s perspective as well as feedback from others. Learning the audience that is in the company’s location, helps the direction of the campaign. The manger must understand what the culture likes and dislikes about the product and how to get the target audience to buy. The last dimension of the Apples marketing manager, evaluative, is related to solving problems creatively and dealing with unpredictable work …show more content…
Thus, a marketing manager working at Apple would be evaluated without reference to others by using an absolute system. (Aguinis, 2014). Other people in the position would be stationed in a different marketing region with different factors to control for. Managers in the same position for Apple may implement a better advertisement in the environment due to more people in their region. A marketing manager relies heavily on their critical thinking ability. These managers need to know what resources to add to the advertisement to implement the maximum effect to the target audience (O*NET, 2017). These methods are to predict the target audience but may sometimes be ineffective. If a comparative model was used, one manager would be rated more poorly, than the other manager with better reviews on the advertisement. The absolute system for this position is a better fit for all employees, which is why it is best to implement this

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