Pmo Advantages

The advantages of project management office
These days, every company needs to improve and adapt themselves in order to continue running their business in the competitive and fierce market due to the changing trends. Some companies have a lot of projects to manage which are important for the successful continuity and growth of the companies. Therefore, Project Management Office (PMO) can definitely help organizations to maintain the standards and processes in each project. Establishing a PMO provides various advantages and huge positive changes to every organization (Cyber Wealth Zone Blog, 2011).
First of all, without the PMO, each project must be viewed, controlled, and dealt by own project managers in each department. If the organizations
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No matter what size the company is, when the PMO is applied, it can lead the company to success. There are five stages of a Project Management Office implementation that will lead to the company achieving project management oversight, control, and support. Each stage shows how PMO function in an organization.
The first stage is the project office. This stage shows the project oversight and creates as a project manager who is responsible for one or more projects. There are a lot of activities under this stage. For example, using the skills and knowledge of project manager, and also the principles of project management to succeed the project objectives. Moreover, managing the cost, schedule, and resource utilization in each project (Hill, n.d.).
The next stage is Basic PMO. It is the first PMO level to deal with multiple project oversight and control. It provides a standard or template to all projects within the organization.
The third stage is the standard PMO. This stage is about process support. It has new duty to focus from earlier stage; it will support an individual and project performance in the project management environment. In addition, this stage helps the organizations to seek a solution for implementing project management (Hill,
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The strategic business interests across the organization will be the primary focus on this stage. There are two different ways to establish the center of excellence. First, it can be created when a lower stage of PMO developed into the center of excellence, especially in small and medium organizations. Second, it can be established to maintain other lower stages in large global organization (Hill, n.d.).
Responsibilities of Project Management Office In today’s business world, each business needs to find the right strategy to survive in the very competitive market. Therefore, every organization need to set up Project Management Office since it can help companies maintain high standards, reduce duplications, and leverage resources like people, technology, communication, etc. There are several main responsibilities that PMO are taking, including setting and enforcing standards, collecting and applying project data. The first main responsibility of PMO is to establish the guideline for project teams to work together with. Managing projects will be easier than before. Project managers will be able to work more easily between different projects, and new project managers can work and complete their projects faster. In addition, PMO will ensure that the standard of each project is regulated while doing the projects (Responsibilities of a project management office,

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