Essay on Innovative Widgets- Customer Service Plan

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About Innovative Widgets.
At Innovative Widgets we are the number leading widgets producer in Australia. Established in 1952, widgets are used as components for a wide variety of machinery, including domestic and industrial machinery. All our widgets are functional, well designed and manufactured to the his highest quality standards. Customers across Australia look to us to provide high quality products at competitive prices.
This is a family owned company with the sons and daughters of the founder forming the board of directors. We operate from one main factory which include several different sections. These sections including a stores area for the raw materials used to make the widgets, a machine shop for producing the widgets,
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They will run regular focus groups and conduct regular surveys.
Accounts – will take care of all of our financial needs. They will maintain records of assets, liabilities, profit and loss. They will provide annual reports to the company and take care of tax responsibilities.
Customer Service Team – will take care of providing quality customer service to all our customer's. They will answer all calls immediately. They will handle customer complaints promptly and thoroughly. Providing excellent customer service will ensure that customer's come back
Maintenance – the maintenance team will ensure that all of our equipment is up to scratch with the standards of the company. They will take care of any issues the machine may have. They will also keep up to date with the latest machines.
We need to utilise the different sectors in order to reach our goal. Each sector will have regular training updates and will provide an end of year report to the board of directors to ensure everybody is aware of where we are at in the company.

Our product standards
As customers are the most important aspect of the company, our products are also just as important. Our second priority is making sure our products meet the industry standards as well as the standards set by the founder. Some of our product standards are;
1. Dimensions – we sell stainless steel widgets that come in the sizes 5mm,

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