Informative Essay About School Projects

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enjoyable school projects was assigned in my English class that year. We had to create a journal of fictional events, like we were reporters for national geographic. I did mine on sharks studying their behavior and attack patterns. It was a very fun experience and one that I look back at fondly. That year was not nearly as terrifying as I had originally thought. Seventh grade was much the same only I decided to join the band. Eighth grade I had something strange happen I had a teacher that for some unknown reason take a huge dislike to me. I remember we were watching the entire mini-series of Roots and for some reason she decided that I wasn’t present and I had skipped class, for the first time in my life I was called down to the disciplinary office and had to tell them that I was in fact in class told them where I sat on the day in question. The following week yet again same thing I was accused of skipping class. This went on for about six or seven weeks I believe towards the end of this situation the office was see me see what I was there for and send me back on my way because they had begun discounting the report that the teacher made. That year was an especially stressful one for me because, my seventh grade math teacher decided to recommend me for algebra honors. I still struggle with the subject and probably always will. I went from basic regular math that wasn’t dealing with letters in my math problems to having to break a part equations and solving for x.…

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