How To Build A Computer Essay

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The only constant in the computer world is change. What is new today is ancient in a year. Technology is changing at lightning speeds. This is great for the consumer, because everything is getting smaller, faster, and less expensive. If you decide to build your own computer, here are 5 tips that will truly make your new computer personal. Define Your Use More than anything else, first defining how you are going to use your computer determines everything else. Know the types of software applications you want to run on it, the type of working environment it will be running in, and whether or not it will be a standalone computer, or part of a home network. These are all your first considerations. Set a Budget Once you decide on the usage …show more content…
I am not sure where that idea comes from and I don 't think that this is going to happen anytime soon. However, the choice of purchasing a Laptop or a PC is going to depend on whether you are looking for mobility or performance. As a rule of thumb, gamers usually go for the performance that the PC 's offer versus students that prefer laptops for their mobility. As a gamer, you are more likely to choose a PC with a powerful graphics card that can handle the game pixels. I am sure that all of my World of Warcraft friends are knotting right now unless you offer them one of those fancy Alienware laptops. If you are a student then you are more likely to pick a laptop because it will offer you portability and the opportunity to work while you travel and or easy access to the internet. Here are the major advantages and disadvantages of the two: Laptops: Take less space Can be taking on any types of trips and are accepted in planes, can access the internet in any place that offers Wi-Fi such as restaurants, hotels, etc. Are more expensive They don 't offer much room for improvement. Personal Computers: Can be upgraded if needed Can be more powerful than a laptop Are cheaper to buy and to upgrade Perform better for less Are the preferred choice of gamers Are bulky and hard to carry around Have bigger memory and can hold more RAM Can choose other …show more content…
Over several months a computer repair project came up involving motherboards. Motherboard Repairs Three computers began to fail in a month 's time. The end of the warranty period was approaching for some of them and this harkened a response involving replacing the motherboards with new ones and an upgrade in memory. Symptoms The first indication that there was a problem was boot up time. Normally boot up time occurred in less than one minute. Now it was taking five. When the computer did come up it performed normal operations, but it faltered over some operations, like loading files or printing. These symptoms indicated that the motherboard was the problem. Analysis To understand the nature of the problem it was necessary to run several tests that identified where the problem was occurring. The program used for testing purposes was the Professional Suite & Tool Kit. This program allowed the technician to test the motherboard, power supply, CD, and the USB Flash Drive. The log results showed that the Motherboard had a heating problem caused initially by a bad power supply. Preparation For Replacement While in the earlier PC days, the number of motherboards was limited, it became apparent very quickly, that replacing the motherboard had to take place with one that met several important features. First was size. The motherboard had to

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