Indigenous Determinants Of Health And The Wellness Model Essay

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Indigenous Determinants of Health

The last key category of wellness mediating factors that emerged from the wellness presentations arethe overarching political, social, cultural, environmental and economic determinants of wellness. This category includes:
• resilience
• self-government and self-determination
• colonization and intergenerational effects

In the wellness model described by Gail Garvey, she outlined the "social, cultural, physical and economic environment" domains that surround individuals and communities. These domains work together to affect wellness and include such factors as employment, sustainability, education, community infrastructure, maintenance of culture, social justice and traditional and contemporary economies. Gail went on to discuss that the Aboriginal Torres Straight Islanders who had cancer faced additional impediments to health care such as poverty, language and cultural barriers, and a lack of culturally appropriate information in accessible formats.

These large-scale determinants are shown in the fifth circle of the FNHA Perspective on Wellness model, as described by Georgia Kyba. The fifth circle in this model represents the determinants of wellness affecting the larger population. These are the environmental, social, cultural and economic determinants of wellness. It is our responsibility to ensure that they are available and protected. Further, we have a responsibility to manage, share and sustain these for future generations. There is…

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