Components Of The Quad-Functional Model Of Health Care

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1) List and describe the four functional components of the quad-function model.
The four functional components of the quad-function model are financing, insurance, delivery and payment. Financing is the deed of giving money for the service provided or act of providing financial funds in case of difficult situations. It’s performed by the third party, may be employers, government or insurance companies. To pay the health care services and/ or to get health insurance, financing is very important. Insurance is a plan by which a company or government agency offers a promise of compensation for loss or damage in properties, illness, or death in response for payment. The action of providing health care services by different providers is called delivery. The service delivered to the insured should be reimbursed to the service providers under the process of payment also called reimbursement.
2) Compare the medical model of health and health care to the wellness model of health and health care.
Medical model of health defines health as merely on the individual basis that only concerns the lack of illness or disease. It only focuses on the biological process of the individual rather than the social and emotional
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Market justice determines health care as any other economic good or services. Health care services and its benefits are based on the people’s ability and willingness to pay. In market justice people have the right to have their own decision in purchasing health care services and products. In social justice, the distribution of health care mainly concerns about the society. The government (central agency) is assumed the role player in in achieving the fair production and distribution of health care. Social justice unlike market justice regard health care as a social

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