Biomedical Model Advantages And Disadvantages

These are the models of health such as biomedical and meaning of health are models of health conceptual fame work or ways of thinking about health (the way we think or consider about it.)
What is bio-medical?
Biomedical model of illness and healing takes a look at the biomedical factors which are things you insert into your body. This could be genetics, food- allergies, and the environment. Repudiate psychological, environment and social influences. And the three health languages are;
 Diagnosis: this investigates any disease or illness through medical procedures by observation of signs and symptoms and this is notice by the client’s history and test. In order for the professional to get the result you will need to through
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Also it is combined with the diagnosis, cure and treatment of the disease. The features of the biomedical model are to priorities on diagnosis and to treat people separately from their lifestyle or living conditions. 2) To outlook that medical practitioner will be able to fix the condition and the patient will take on a passive role. Also to concentrates on the disease, illness or disability.
Advantages and disadvantages
The advantages of biomedical is that it’s easy and quick to access the diagnosis, because you just need to go to the doctors and within 2 weeks you have your results if your illness is at risk or not. 2) Extends life expectancy, because the professional will have a chance to deal with illness early in order to cure. 3) Improves quality of life, professional such as doctors will tend to give you advice on how you will be able to overcome illness by going diet, exercise etc.
The disadvantages of the biomedical model are that people rely on doctors to cure the disease but not every conditions get treated for instance cancer. In addition, you have downside of medication for example you may be taking too many tablets and this is over dose or it may not allow your cell to fight in order to remove viruses. However, the equipments for x-rays and breast screens tend to be very
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Advantages and disadvantages
The advantages of sociomedical are that if you educate people about the disease, they will know what to do to prevent them from having the disease. Also the government is supporting and gives strategies (be a man) to help people not get the disease by introducing immunization, when the nurses come in to school giving children injections. So that people don’t get mumps etc. Socio medical is good because it’s getting people engage in being in good health.
The disadvantage of the socio medical is that some people won’t be motivated for instance some people suntan and smoke. However, people find it hard to change lifestyles from one thing they used to do to another. Also there is disease that cannot be cure from small things like Cancer.

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