Importance Of Writing And Writing

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In the class, I started out by grasping at glamorous words to throw on a paper, as one would catch fireflies in a night sky. Feeling unsure of what was going on and doing what i thought was expected, I knew I was not meeting the challenges on my own. During the process, our class shared papers with the one other, including our teacher, for an editing process to find where our paper needed more flexing in order to improve its weaknesses. Through reading aloud joined with personal readings of my work by others, my blurred eyes received a brief rest from the tireless repetition of searching for the seemingly camouflaged errors through the combined words I once formed. Getting the feedback from my peers along with the teacher with their fresh eyes enabled the once hidden errors to be spotted, which allowed the …show more content…
Thus allowing myself to add that boldness I would not have found alone.
At the at start I was feeling uneasy at the time with the writing process and how I was going to perform, I wrote my first paper this semester on a book entitled Ender’s Game, by Olsen Scott Card. The class was told to write a paper on a memory or experience the class had with writing or reading. I found this difficult right off the bat due to my lack of enthusiasm for the class and I don’t enjoy writing about myself. Once I sat at home beginning my ranting over the frustration with the assignment at hand, a topic came into light in which I could start writing my paper. Beginning the writing process, I was watching my thoughts of the rants slipping into the paper that I was to turn in. After writing the paper, I reread the work, in which I just laughed at the idea believing this was just going to be

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