Essay On Counseling Skills

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Every time I thought about starting this paper I ran into a problem with the first question you had asked. My problem was I had taken this class before and was familiar with all the skills we went over. That’s not to say I was able to recall them perfectly or do them the best, but I knew them, in some way shape or form. So after thinking about this I approached the first question you had asked a little different. From taking the class before I noticed my skills where farther along than just starting with a blank slate. Although they were still at a standstill because of what, you and I have talk about many of times throughout the class. Which is that that I am very guarded and am a shy person. Besides the fact that I know this about myself, …show more content…
I found this class to be a much more comfortable environment for me to grow and learn in. Also it helped me to further develop the skills that I came into class with. Even though I feel all my counseling skills have developed in the time that I have been here. I am just going to talk about and explain a few key ones that I felt were important to me, as well as ended up bringing me out of my shell a bit throughout the semester. One skill that I found was something that developed for me and that was important to me was body language. Although it is a small skill in the big scheme of things it was important for me that it changed. In the beginning of the semester and first couple video or so I found myself to be somewhat closed off. And making it harder for Toni to read me as a client, but throughout the semester I learned that it was okay to be more natural and to just be me and the client well be more comfortable with me. So how did I change I went from thinking I had to move and exaggerate to just doing my natural movements. Another thing that changed for me was how I approached reflection of feelings. I would have normally just approached this as a paraphrase before starting the semester. But after going over and learning how to do this I feel, I approach reflection of feelings differently. I also found if this makes since I have been able to pull out a person’s …show more content…
But then my first video came and I thought my potential went down because I came to realize I still had a-lot to do on my counseling skills. Once we started nearing the end of class I found that I felt my potential went way up. So let me explain farther as I said, I felt that I had a high potential at the very beginning of this class. Not only because I had already taken it and knew what was going to happen through the semester but it was also that it was a more comfortable environment. As soon as we started our first video I felt my potential went way down. And this was when, I noticed I needed work on many things and I had some road blocks in my way, such as being guarded or shy. But this all changed coming up closer to the end of the semester, how? I felt that my potential has gone way up for me since the beginning of the semester and I feel more accomplished in the skills of counseling. Even though I know I will always have some certain road blocks I feel that I can move around them and use my strengths in counseling to my advantage. And even to further my potential in the future. Even though I think I have a good potential I also have some concerns that exist with my

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