Importance Of Working At Work

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Mcdonalds freewrite (5 minutes)
So the whole situation happened when I looked at my schedule on 1/3/2016 and noticed that I was working from 8:00am-10:30am on 1/7/2016 Wednesday. It was weird how I was scheduled to work two and a half hours because I have not been scheduled to work that short amount of time in about a whole year. Nevertheless, I was not disappointed because my great grandmother was turning 88 on that day. So I made plans to spend time with her after work. On 1/6/2016 I double check what time I work in the crew room on 1/7/2016 and it showed from 8:00am-10:30am, so I am 100% sure that this what the schedule showed the crew room. On 1/7/2016, I clocked in 8:00am, and got my 10 minute break around 10:00am. I came back to the kitchen on the muffin station and to
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At this time I notice that we now had Lety, the grill manager, in the kitchen. It was kind of slow in the kitchen so there was a bit time for conversation. As always she greeted everyone in the kitchen. After greeting me she asked, “Hey Joel, did you finish your weekly task?” I responded. “Yes, I cleaned both freezers on the side of the grill and the freezer by the fry hopper yesterday.” She said, “Okay good, because I have another task for you.” I said, “I’m up for the challenge, but I’m off at 10:30am so do you want me to start on it right now?” She responded, “Oh really? Never mind then. We need you in the kitchen for the change-over.” At 10:30 I cleaned the muffin and bun toaster so it was free of muffin crumbs. I stayed a few minutes longer to start initiate and start sending the lunch sandwiches. As soon as the assembler and I finished clearing the screen, I ask Lety, “Okay, the toaster

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