Analysis Of SAS: Why It Is The Best Place To Work

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SAS: Why it is the Best Place to Work
SAS had been named one of the best places to work to Forbe’s magazine. There are several reasons why employees enjoy their jobs at SAS. There are four primary factors that make up the strategy that SAS uses to keep their employees happy, increase production, and decrease employee turnover. These factors are to value people above all else, to give is to get, trust above all things, and ensure employees understand the significance of their work. This essay will explain what these factors mean and they create a desirable work environment. (Crowley, 2013) ( Carpenter, Bauer, & Erdogan, 2012)
Main Points The first factor that SAS employs is to “Value People Above All Else” (Crowley, 2013). This means
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SAS has taken this factor to another level by placing trust above all things. At SAS they allow their employees to work flexible hours and a shorter than average work week. They have found that by trusting the employees to complete the work on time in a manner that works for them them their employees not only complete the work but do so at higher level. The company also gives surveys to gauge the trust levels. These surveys poll people about open communication, being treated well, transparency of career paths and respect from other employees. (Crowley, 2013). This is a good policy because it helps to create good employee to management relationships. The last factor of SAS’s plan is too ensure employees understand the significance of their work. This means that employees know what their job is and how it effects the bottom line. Employees are treated as if their work is their own ( Crowley, 2013). This gives them the sense of pride of ownership and employees tend to work harder knowing that the work they do matters. SAS manages this by making sure all of their employees from the bottom positions up understand that the jobs they do make a difference. …show more content…
These factors are both innovative and progressive. SAS has proven to be successful implementing these factors in many ways. They have managed to decrease employee turnover well below the national average, create a healthier and happier work environment, and decrease absenteeism. SAS also manages to turn a profit every year thus far and has more people wanting to work for them than they have jobs available. In short I agree that these are all good factors for any business to use. Employees need to feel valued and have a good work life balance. Happy employees are better

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