Internal And External Factors On Broward Health Organization

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Internal and External Factors that impact Broward Health Organization
Stephen Morgan
HA510: Organizational Development for Health Care
Kaplan University
Raimi Abiodun, Instructor

For this report I will be examining the Broward Health Organization. Broward Health is a nationally recognized health system in South Florida for more than 75 years. It is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida which offers world class healthcare to all including residents/visitors in Broward County. They encompass more than 30 facilities which establish over 1,529 in the total system with over 7,600 employees. Their mission is to provide quality healthcare to the people we serve and support the needs of all physicians and employees. The vision is to provide
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For example, more individuals are doing immunization shots, yearly physicals and general health checkups. This increase their supply which means to staff more employees, more than before, since the demand has risen. The budget for salary has also increased which affects the entire organization.
Economics is an external factor that defines it in terms of size, organizational structure and location. The location of the external environment should be able to recognize opportunities to build upon. The ability of patients to pay directly impacts the organizational structure down the bottom line regarding marketing health products or services. Broward Health could be impacted by supply and demand. When they advertise sales and promotions for offerings there can be rough financial times for patients who are unemployed or retired. Patients may choose other resources somewhere else in South Florida. With diversifying their health products it could decrease this challenge and impact their
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The key internal factors that impact the business are: finance, fundraising, service delivery and information technology services. The key external factors that impact the business are political, economic, social, and technological. From gathering my results I conclude that these two factors provide Broward Health to become an outstanding health care organization in South Florida. Understanding these two factors at work for employees will better equip them to identify the company’s mission, vision, and goals to keep them

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