Importance Of Physical Education In High School

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Physical Education in High School
With the rise of the technological age, it seems like the only thing that is not improving is the world’s health. Everyday, children face social pressures, academic stressors, and distractions in the form of electronics and social media outlets. Couple the previous statement with the fact that school systems across the country are placing less of an importance on physical activity, and it should be no surprise that 1 out of every 3 children ages 2-19 are overweight, or at risk of becoming overweight (CDC). Physical education should be required in all four years of high school because it promotes a healthy lifestyle, builds skills essential all throughout ones life, and provides an outlet for releasing tension
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Sports that rewarded the most athletic students stigmatized physical education classes as a dangerous class that should be taken out of schools (Chandler). Competition in a controlled environment teaches students important lessons at a young age. From perseverance to responsibility, physical education classes offer an invaluable service in shaping adolescents into successful adults. Although PE classes previously benefited ‘star athletes’, this is not necessarily the case anymore (Menza). With the many new forms of exercise, it does not have to come down to a game of dodge ball (Menza). Physical activity does not strictly mean physical education classes. Other forms, such as recess, can also be employed to get children active (“The Benefits of Physical Activity in …show more content…
A common complaint from the opposition’s side is that Physical Education classes cause distractions in school, and have no place in an academic setting. On the contrary, physical education classes have not shown to have negative effects on students ' performance in other subjects. In fact, it has been shown to improve academic performance (Chandler). Providing students with a much-needed ‘brain-break,’ exercise can relieve stress, and prepare students for the rest of the academic day. Although research has shown a link between exercise and academic performance, individual county school systems have little say in what the federal government considers expendable

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