Narrative Essay On Event Meeting Experience

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During the summer semester of 2016 I had the opportunity to intern with Cathy Ewing Event Consulting. CEEC is located in Cathy’s in home office in Belton, and their primary focus is to help their clients achieve an experience hyper-tailored service to their specific needs. Cathy is a Certified meeting planner (CMP) prior to working with her I had never heard of the title, but the more I learned about it the more I learned it is a great area for people with communication studies degrees that like details. Cathy explained all the steps it took her to become a CMP in case I ever found myself interested. In order to become a CMP you must have years of professional event experience and continued education before being able to sit for the rigorous …show more content…
Initially I was nervous about completing this task. I hadn’t had much experience with planning big events other than my sister’s baby shower. Once I started digging into the project I realized how important each what most would consider small details such as how long will it take the group to walk from point A to B, what will the wait time be like, and parking options. The event required extensive research on transportation and locations (see attached broche). The event went over extremely well. It was very rewarding to see my schedule worked and receive all good reviews from the attendees.
There is one thing that I do feel that I could have done differently in my internship. And that is being involved earlier on in the projects I was assisting Cathy with. I would like to see the very beginning phases of a project. These tasks include proposals, bidding, and initial contracts. I would like to know how CEEC proposes on jobs and how to plan a first meeting. I would also like to travel to an event to see how it is executed on
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I feel like the classes that I took did a great job in preparing me to step into a position like this and excel in it. Once I have graduated this December I plan on pursuing a higher role within the company I am employed with full time the House of Diamonds. I am completely confident that my internship experience has me a more well rounded candidate no matter where my professional life takes me later. I am grateful to Cathy for teaching me about the industry, but also how consulting really works, the ins and out of running your own business, and what the travel is like. I am happy she shared all the pros and cons of her work with me including her steps towards retirement and closing this chapter in her life seven years

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