How To Write A Reflective Essay On What I Learned In College

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When starting college I was extremely nervous when it came to my grades. I had fairly well grades but I definitely wished they were higher. As a freshman I knew I was going to have to take the general education classes that everyone was required to take if not testing out of them. Also as an accounting major I knew I would take finance and of course accounting. My first semester as of mid term has been very successful compared to what I was expecting from myself achieving all A grades thus far. I am enrolled in six class this semester one already concluded. Information Literacy was a one month class that I concluded with an A. The rest of my class include general education courses and major courses being Accounting principles I, Personal Finance, …show more content…
Starting out this was the one class I knew I would not struggle in because I had a basic understanding already of what I was doing. For the most part I was extremely correct. I enjoy my class and my professor more than I thought possible. Although I have done extremely well so far and my teacher does not give tests or quizes I am beginning to become nervous for our “final project” of playing monopoly. As fun and easy as that sounds I know she has many twist and we will be in charge to keep track of every transaction taken throughout the game and keeping track of all the finances. The project will be starting some time in the last week of October and is going to require me to pay very close attention to her new rules and of the tedious book keeping we must do. I do not think I will need to change much about my study tactics because I know most of the material.

Personal Finance is also a class I took in high school but I struggled slightly with my high school teacher so I was very nervous about taking this class again at the college level. It turns out I very much enjoy my class and the professor is amazing at explaining the things he teaches. As of now my way of tackling the class is working very well for me. I carefully take notes on the important materials and usually he makes it very clear on the important information needed. He also makes the tests and quizzes very similar to his notes and goes over things very

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