How To Write An Essay On What I Learned In My English Class

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I remembered when I looked at my schedule in August and I saw this class, I was nervous because I’m not that good at writing or expressing my ideas on papers. My grammars are really bad too. I thought that I would have a lot of trouble with this class, because I had some bad experience in my English class from high school. But when I met Lauren, she was a lot different than what I thought. She was nice, friendly, and I can tell from the first class that she’s a fun and understandable person. The way she talk and communicate with students is very friendly. Anyway, first I wanted to said that you shouldn’t be too stressful about this class, just relax and do your best. Of course there will be a lot of writing, and reading in this class. So be …show more content…
This allow you to get feedback and have ideas for your draft and know what to write for your next draft. This make the writing process a lot simpler than what it seem like. Also, it is better for you to read through your wring many times to make sure that all your writings are connect in your writing. Lauren commented on paper a lot asking me which part does this part connect to, or how does this connect to that. This class is all about connection, all of your writing assignments and essays will connect to each other. Like your final essay should be a revision of your introductory essay. Something that I’ve learn that will stick with me is take one step at a time, if the assignments seems long, break it down and work on one part at a time. I think this will stick with me because I can use this for my other classes too. My ideas about literacy has changed too. I didn’t think literacy could view at different ways and there are different meaning for literacy. But after this class, I’ve learn a lot about literacy. I also learn a lot more about disability (inquiry project). This project have taught me many things, it really open my

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