Gpa Restriction Analysis

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Hilal Al Mutairi
Ms. Carol Ann / Mr. David Depolo
Writer’s Workshop 8
May 22, 2016
G.P.A. Restrictions

“Attention students, after continuous quarrel we have decided to add a G.P.A. restriction on sports.” Imagine a school where all students are getting good grades and succeeding. Imagine a place where everyone is treated fairly and open-mindedly. School should put a 2.0 GPA restriction toward sports because it holds many benefits. Firstly, it will give other students a chance to play. Secondly, it encourages students to be on their best behaviour and to try and get good grades. Thirdly, parents support academics much more than sports and want a good education for their children.
The first reason is that it will give other students a chance.
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A lot of students are not paying attention to studies and just want to play sports and games. Sports and games are fun and rewarding, yet a good student should be able to balance all of his work and studies. "Children's social behavior can promote or undermine their learning, and their academic performance may have implications for their social behavior," said Sarah Miles, a doctoral student in the Stanford School of Education. The study demonstrates the importance of attending to children's social skills in preschool and the early grades of elementary school, even when academic success is the primary goal (Stanford News).” Furthermore, when students get good grades they won’t be stressed out at everything and they would have a much better mood. When students are in a better mood, then they will be more active throughout the school year. The school’s objective should always be to provide the best learning experience, therefore making their students happy and content. These are the reason why putting restrictions can encourage students to get good …show more content…
The evidence is that when people are in sports teams, they don’t necessarily want to win. When you are in a school sport’s team, you want to have fun and enjoy. Even if the team wants to win, as research goes on, everyone realizes that better moods equal better performance. It has been researched ten of times. When the team is working together and the players are happy, they tend to win and have fun. The problem is when people are unfairly left out, the team feels broken. That’s what happens when people are in a bad mood. Therefore even if the team loses, it's the experience that counts. The school should provide experience and not just choose the people who are good. They need to choose the people who work hard on good grades and deserve to be

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