Importance Of Employee Empowerment

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Firtsly it is important to introduce and to explain the meaning of: employee empowerment and MBO.
Employee empowerment does not means totally power, empowerment is the extension of responsabilities for the employees and it’s based upon their level of experience and on their past results within the company, infact it is the act of identyfying the ones who are trusted(?) to act more independently.
Employee empowerment helps identifying how much responsability and authority an individual can handle without loosing control. A good simplyfied example is the one by Mac McIntire, the innovative management group’s president, that explain this concept of employee empowerment very clearly by saying that it’s possibile to compare it with
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(The acronymous) MBO it’s a method of estimation/evaluation of the personnel that is based on reached results in front of objectives.
The fundamental of MBO is partecipate choosing course of actions and decision making, or rather having 5 (decision-making) steps: 1. Goals (survey values and objectives) 2. Options. 3. Facts. 4. Effects (positive and negative consequences). 5. Review (plan how to implement the options).
The effective benefits of MBO include: Motivation of the employees, involving them in the whole process of goal setting and increasing employee empowerment. The results are that employees then are more satisfied and engaged in their jobs.
Then the better comunications and coordination is another benefit because frequently reviews and interations between superiors and employees help to maintain harmony within the organization and also to solve problems.
A third benefit is to have clear goals as we said before: easy to write, to understand, reasonable and
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Objectives, most of the time, are motivational to managers (or business owners) and employees, as reach (or achieve) objectives provides a sense of accomplishment.
According to business plan writer, Andrei Smith, when the objectives are easy to write the strategy business plan is on the right track.
Now it is possibile to talk specifically about MBO (Management by objectives) but also known as MBR (Management by results).
This term was introduced for the first time by Peter Druckers book “Practice of management”.
Theoretically, when employees themselves have been involved with the intention (prospective/goal) of the company and the course of decisions making. They are more inclined to/disposed to achieve/accomplish their responsabilities.
Indeed as Anne M. Mulcahy said .
She said in order to if employees are really motivated and they understand their roles and so how their activities (=works) relate to the achievement of the organization’s (mission’s) goals as they made it as it’s also their mission and their goals then they can be the best investment for the company, upon which the company can count on a

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