Importance Of Being An Investment Banker

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I am a 21-year-old adult from Chengdu where the Panda comes from. It is located at the middle of China surrounding by mountains. My hometown is a relaxing city where people more value eating tasty foods, having fun and relaxing more than working. You have to go there, but if you have been there, go again. It is beautiful city and inexpensive lifestyle. I have an English name called Jonathan. It comes from my teacher and good friend in high school, Dr. Jonathan Woodward.
I worked at China Minsheng Bank(CMBC) for a year in the Wealth Management Department before I came to DU. I did some investments and trading shares in Chinese stock market in 2015, and it did teach me a great lesson. But it surely is a great experience to have.
I also have some experiences working at an Investment Bank in U.S. as a senior investment banker associate. By exploring financial world, it gave me a clearer career aspiration and a better understanding of human natures. I am enjoying that being having a tight schedule and a potential high income. Moreover, I learned time management that to spend my time in the place I need and I want. And the experience working in an Investment Bank and dealing with money, did teach me there are tons of things that are more important than money, such as happiness, people, and health. These are reasons why I want to be an Investment Banker
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These questions are mostly hypothesis, and it is unrealistic to predict what would under an unreal circumstance. The decision I make is likely to be effected by multiple conditions that are around me at the time when it happens. Moreover, it is mandatory to choose an answer from these limited options for every question in these quizzes, but there rarely has a right answer for me to pick up for certain questions. So sometimes I just randomly choose an option that seems right to me. Therefore, the results are not accurate for

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