Essay On The Importance Of Background Checks

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Nurse’s should be required to have background checks. Nurses are entrusted with a tremendous amount of responsibility. This responsibility is not something that should be taken lightly. It is imperative that schools, employers, and coworkers understand that nursing is life and death. Background checks on all students trying to become nurses would help prevent bad individuals from even being able to get the education in order to become a nurse. Routine background checks would help guarantee the safety of patients and other coworkers. All nurses should be required and subjected to a background check before entering the nursing field. There have been many cases throughout history that nurses have taken the responsibility of caring for patients and made the wrong decisions and caused harm to the patient. Background checks can help provide …show more content…
The chances of falling into the wrong hands of the person entrusted to care for your well-being would decrease. More colleges need to get on board with background checks being done before all nursing programs and classes take place. Background checks would help to determine the right people to qualify for each program. With combining academic levels and routine checks it will instill the student to be the best they can be at nursing and taking care of others.
The majority of workplaces that hire nurses require background checks and drug testing regularly. It protects the employer and the patients from possible negative outcomes. If background checks had been around and used in the history of nurses a lot of harm and death of patients could have been avoided or possibly stopped before death occurred. Nurses have a huge amount of responsibility placed on them with taking care of others loved ones. Ethics can help that nurse to determine the right course of action with each

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