Importance Of Admission In College

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During the course of this class I have learned a lot about the college life and how different it is to high-school. In college everything is more fast-paced and the teacher require the student to be more responsible. When I complete two years at Mayland I plan to transfer to King University in Bristol, Tennessee to get my masters in business administration. I like this college because it reminds me a lot of Mountain Heritage in that the class sizes are not too large, and the overall campus size is small. This college is my main choice for transfer, however, I have looked at UNCA as a possible transfer option. I do not like UNCA as much as I do King University, because UNCA does not offer the specific major and concentration that I want to …show more content…
I chose this name, because failure is not an option and success is the only thing that I hope to gain from this process. My goal is to accomplish my mission statement which is, succeed in life, and do everything that I want to do before I die. To accomplish this goal, I am trying my best to keep my grades up while also working 40 hours a week so that I can keep my car but also have a good chance of getting accepted to college. One way I can increase my chances of getting into college is to follow the quick tips for academic success. During this semester, I feel like I have done the following: I have went to class, I have been prepared, and I have got to know my teachers. On the other hand, I feel like there are some that I have not done to the best of my ability. For example: I have not managed my time wisely, and I have not taken notes at a good level. It will be beneficial for me to manage my time, because if I put off things to the last minute they may not be as good of quality as they should be. As for the taking notes, notes help are designed to help a student study and if I am not studying then I am setting myself up to fail in college. Being successful in college can be stressful, but I have found that stress does not really bother me. I have managed to work and still maintain my grades, so I feel like I am prepared for the challenges of college

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