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In the book, “Doing School,” by Denise Clark Pope, described how classmates want to succeed and have the best grades possible. This sometimes means having a lack of sleep, maintaining a good GPA, and motivate. Overall, to succeed in school you need three crucial qualities: focus, motivation, and to be able to study hard. I agree with majority of the book, which points out that students who focus in school are much more likely to succeed if going into the right direction. The author is telling us we should be more educated in school by working hard. Secondly, Pope describes how many students have a hard time finding the right time to do the homework because most of the students have part time jobs that leads them into staying up all night …show more content…
I knew college was going to be a challenge for me, I had to give up my free time, and become more serious about school. The most important key to success throughout college is having motivation. As I began the first year of college it was very tough because I was taking thirteen credits. Which I had no clue what was I thinking after a week I began to have a lot of homework and I started to stress out. Also, I began to fall behind in the homework, I had no choice but to rush into the homework without knowing anything. I notice that by rushing my homework it will affect my grades, which it did. It was a challenge for me because I had gotten bad grades and I had to decide whether I wanted to stay in the school or to drop out. I had to make a choice for myself to succeed in school or become a failure in life, so I motivated myself and I decided to give it my all in school. After reading a few chapters of the book “Doing School,” the protagonist, Kevin reminding me of my high school years. In my opinion Kevin is doing a great job maintaing good grades which he is focusing more in his success of his education. There should be more people like Kevin they’re the people who really want to succeed in life and reach their goals. I think the most important job is to get a good grade. That being said, in order for you to stay well motivated is to have mentors like advisers to keep you in track and maintaing good

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