Importance Of A Waiter

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A waiter, this is general call. It include waiter and waitress. And some called wait staff. It is the same description of the job. We usually called waiter and waitress. The working environment is in the restaurant. One of the duty is provide hospitality to guest. Include Welcome guests. Demonstrating menu knowledge. Answering questions. Up selling specialty items. Describing dishes. Taking orders (beverage and food). Handing complaints. Ensuring and guest satisfaction. Second duty is Ongoing Table Maintenance. Include in following things. Bring out food. Clearing empty plates. Refilling drinks. Bringing extra items requested buy guests. Ensuring the food came out as desired. Clearing all plates at end of meal. Crumbing the table. Offering …show more content…
While as the eating time will be many people come in the restaurant. So as a waiter basic polite is says welcome to our restaurant. Makes the customers feel good. That is the first impression. Following demonstrating menu knowledge. As the waiter service for customers. At least familiar with the menu, otherwise cannot provide a good service for customers. Answering questions. Sometime the customers may the first time into the restaurant. So there will be some problem, maybe they do not know where the toilet is. Or wanted some recommendation food by waiter. Or other kind of question. Up selling specialty items. May be some customer wanted addition food or services. At this time. They have to help. Maybe cigarette or drinks. The waiter have to deliver food or drink for customers. Describing dishes. Waiter need very familiar with their food. Because in reality. The food maybe not exactly same with the food. So some explanation will be needed. To provide the better service. Taking orders. Waiter will deliver the order to kitchen after order by customers. The kitchen will preparing food as fast as possible. To make sure customer can have fresh food for eat. And make sure chief knows customers …show more content…
Like preparing step for every day. Before opening. Waiter need to be ready so restaurant can start provide service.
The major duty two is ongoing table maintenance. Bring out food. After the kitchen ready cooking the food. The waiter will deliver the food to customer. And drinks or other items. Clearing empty plates. After customer finish. They have to cleaning the table. So that next customer can use the clean table. And waiter cannot to slow with doing cleaning. Refilling drinks. If customer need some drinks. Waiter need to deliver the drink. If any needed by customers. Waiter has try to provide the service. Bring extra item requested by customers. Such as ranch or BBQ sauce. If customer celebrate birthday party. Maybe will need some candle and cake. To make a surprise. Ensuring the food came out as desired. For some customer cannot eat too pungent or sweet food, they will mention to the waiter. Waiter has to tell kitchen to follow desired by the customers. Clearing all plates at end of meal. After customer finish eating, the waiter need to clean the table. And next people can use the clean table. Crumbing the table. Waiter has to look after the customers and make the

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