Importance Of A Community

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Warren Township Teen Center: (Gurnee, IL) (Park City, IL)
I was involved in a youth services program at Warren Township Youth and Family Services who sponsors the Friday Night Alternative for middle school students in Warren Township (grades 6th - 8th). Friday Night Alternative is a safe environment that includes, basketball, dancing, special event activities and pizza/beverages that are supplied by the members of the Park City Teen Center. I volunteered to be a chaperone for the children. I volunteered for 9 months. I supervised the children and even played basketball with them. This helped me interact with young ages from 11 to 14. Also, it helped me develop my first steps by communicating with parents who were chaperones as well.
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My parents have always taught me to put God first, others second, and myself last. I love volunteering at Feed My Starving Children. I have a passion and heart for volunteering and this is one of my favorite things to do. I actually went there for my first time with my Volunteer Club from College of Lake County. I learned the importance of being humble and helping causes such as child hunger. It taught me to value everything I have at home meaning a plate of food in my hands. Being thankful to God for everything he has given me. It empowered me to talk to my family members to come and join me, so they did. It’s such a joyful feeling giving back to others. It helped me communicate with diversity with people. For example, I had to lead one time by placing 24 bags of food in a box it helped built my …show more content…
As an intern I was part of team. We cared for the toddlers who were ages 12 months through 18 months. I had to interact and instruct the toddlers which helped my creativity skills. As an intern I learned patience with parents of different cultures. Also, I developed a lot of communication skills with my team members and parents as well. It helped me be an environment where I could have a voice to communicate with my team members who come from different cultures and ages as

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