Team Leader Research Paper

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In the tourism and hospitality industry, working as a team is of vital importance, especially when dealing with clients. It is the employees job to work hand in hand and reach their goals to satisfy the customers and maintain good quality and good service.

A team leader is the employee who gets chosen, usually by the management, to give direction and instructions as well as guidance to a group of individuals who work with the company, for the ability of achieving a certain goal. Team leaders serve various roles in an organization, they develop a plan the team will use to reach its goal, provide training that the other team members need, pass on instructions to other team members, listen to team members' feedback and act if there is any type
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The leader must be a role model. It’s important that a team leader sets standards, be ready to hear new ideas, must be honest and practice what s/he is preaching. “People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy”- Oliver Goldsmith. One must be confident in his/her abilities. It’s not only important to be confident in oneself but as well as being confident in the abilities of his/her team members. A confident leader is self-assured, one has to believe in the team member’s actions and capabilities and by believing this and his /her skills will lead the team properly. This will help the team members work better because of how self-assured the leader is. With all the confidence the leader will feel satisfied about leading the team and this will make him/her feel positive and motivated to work better. It will influence the other members and it will make them feel pleased about the work the leader is going. The team leader will set more goals to accomplish more and be successful. It will inspire the others to be determined to achieve the company’s goals. Confidence is the key to success. A leader needs to be organized. Being organized helps the leader to plan and so it helps the team work better. Organized team leaders help members to achieve the goals the company wants to meet.
It is very important that the leader has a vision of what one wants. The team members will work better knowing what the vison is. It's important that every member "has a role to play, and every role has its part to contributing to the bigger picture without the perspective the team cannot accomplish its goals, weather the team game is sports, business, family ,ministry or government,"- says John C.

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