Images of Beauty Essay

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Images of Beauty

Dana Alkhandak
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Psychology 10
October 2, 2013
Rough Draft #1

Adolescence is a time of both delicate concern about social acceptance as well as self-conscious obsession with self-image and identity. Becoming more aware of society's selective standards, many youngsters look to the media for guiding on the "ideal" way to look and act. Teenagers have more access to images from the media that sponsor a growing acceptance of makeup, fragrances and unnatural beauty, their self-esteems becomes dependent on an unnatural and constructed thought of beauty. The images promoted and portrayed in the media, can be harmful and have dangerous impacts on the lives' of many individuals. The images
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After being influenced by a television commercial or any sort of advertisement; teenagers will invest in an item hoping that would help them achieve the same success as shown in the ads. The truth it never happens. Most of the time the typical teenager stands in disbelief, and assumes the item didn't work. At that moment, the images portrayed by the media tend to influence the teenager into letting go of their goals and chase after someone else's idea of perfect. Instead of setting goals that can be accomplished, the teen goes after the unrealistic image of the sport athlete or the hottest model, causing them to suffer from inner conflicts such as low self-esteem. Self-esteem is the viewpoint and value one has for them self. With the increase of supermodel shows such as America's Next Top Model and runway shows such as the Victoria Secret Angel Show, self-esteem gradually decreases. After carefully examining the models and actors, young individuals, begin to compare their bodies to the models seen on TV. In the study done by Hargreaves and Tiggemann in 2009, when a selected audience was asked to view videos of the "ideal person" and then asked how they felt compared to them, their response was that the actors were better looking than themselves. Just like the study, when individuals begin to think about themselves compared to the models and actors, their self-esteem is lowered and most of their confidence is then lost. Low self-esteem is often caused by the

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