Carla Rice's Article: Through The Mirror Of Beauty Culture

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Introduction There have been different discussions concerning the beauty culture that have been discussed by different individuals over time. In this, different scholars have tried to study more about beauty to make readers and other beauty enthusiasts to get the right knowledge and facts about beauty as they engage in different activities that might alter what they may define as being beauty to them. One of the scholars who have put their efforts in helping people to understand the culture of beauty is Carla Rice through her article that she gave the title “Through the mirror of beauty culture”. In this article, Rice tries to make the reader understand different aspects of the beauty culture by making an in depth analysis of what different …show more content…
In trying to depict the meaning of what the title of the article states, Rice narrowed her thoughts to the socially constructed gazes as well as meanings that have resulted to social sanctions as well as derisions if by any chance women stepped out of their acceptable presentation of their bodies. In her argument, Rice goes on and states that commercial as well as patriarchal interests contribute greatly towards satisfying the desires and the usage difference fears that our cultures have created over …show more content…
The particular sites of the human body that are considered to be problematic by women according to Rice are the skin, weight, hair, and the breasts. The author goes ahead and makes it clear that the debate of obesity within the North Americas is usually framed and shaped by human weight and dieting. According to her argument, the people in North America have for long been blamed for impacting the health as well as well as the fitness of the entire nation as a result of the poor eating habits.
People who hold this view tend to argue that it is because of fat Americans that the nation has encountered terrorism, and global warming despite seeing them as being part of the weak people who usually conform to unhealthy living conditions that greatly harms the planet as well the individuals involved. Additionally, the author has also stated that most of the programs that have developed in the North to deal with the issue of fatness have contributed significantly towards making individuals gain weight in the

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